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AeroTract welcomes GIS Specialist to the team

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Zachary Leslie, GIS Specialist

January 5, 2020: AeroTract is excited to welcome Zachary Leslie, who will be working as a GIS specialist.

Zachary Leslie in Malaysia

Zach's GIS interest and experience

“I hope that my future endeavors continue to take me to new places, allowing my knowledge to grow while educating the public and assisting land managers.”

Zachary Leslie studied forest engineering and geographic information science at Oregon State University.

He has worked across the world and has extensive experience in GIS programs including analysis of Landsat data at NASA in Georgia, GIS in New Zealand, terrestrial LiDAR work in Chile, and vegetation analysis in Malaysia. He works as the team's lead GIS analyst. He is very excited about GIS and is interested in the benefits that thermal technology has to offer for wildland firefighting and infrastructure inspection.

Zach is excited about the benefits of sUAS in geographic information analysis and looks forward to working on the team.

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