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About AeroTract

Combining field expertise with machine intelligence to provide

actionable insights to resource management

Our Mission

AeroTract is a team of GIS developers, foresters, and professional drone pilots located in Albany, OR. We pride ourselves on creating new ways of managing valuable resources in the Pacific Northwest. We understand the importance of active forest management, community safety, and the success of local businesses. We're dedicated to providing customers with analysis that will not only save them time, and increase safety, but will improve our community as a whole.

Our Methods

Our technological backgrounds and drive to generate new ways of managing resources creates new challenges every day for our team to conquer. We're constantly looking at new solutions that will help businesses generate revenue and tackle operational difficulties by staying on top of every technological development and continually generating new programs and unique solutions for our clients.

Our Vision

Through a combination of diverse backgrounds and field expertise, the AeroTract team provides technical field services and geospatial product development. We assist land and asset management from start to finish. Our methods include field data collection, data processing, and machine intelligence, which results in a full product ready to assist you in your next operational challenge.


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