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AeroTract Moves to Corvallis, Oregon Facility

AeroTract moves into a 4,000 sq ft facility in Corvallis, OR to meet the growing demands of businesses across Oregon. As part of an effort in increasing efficiency, taking on unique challenges, and meeting customer demand, AeroTract is excited to move to its new location in order to expand its team and enhance its production.

GIS Specialist Zach Leslie working on one of AeroTract's aircraft.
“We are excited to meet the growing demands of industries here in Oregon. We take great pride in working with our local community and businesses in order to meet their goals. Our new office space will allow us to grow our team, increase our efficiency, and meet the demands of our customers."

-James Hilary, Founder

What's next?

  • Research Support for research operations is vital to AeroTract's goals. Being on the front-lines of the tech industry, the new facility will allow AeroTract's team to collaborate more efficiently and generate new case studies for timber, agricultural, and industrial landowners.

  • Data Data management and efficiency plays a huge part in mapping and surveying. When dealing with massive amounts of data, new enhanced computer systems and software capabilities will allow for faster processing time, and faster product delivery.

  • Production The new facility will allow prototypes and software programs to be built faster and get into the hands of customers in a more timely manner. AeroTract plans on releasing several prototypes and applications by late 2020.

AeroTract is invested in the future. Drone technology and operations have proved to increase efficiency, enhance safety, and greatly decrease costs.

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