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AeroTract Builds System to Identify Vole Holes

January 2022: AeroTract's team of engineers develops method to identify vole holes using AI and drone technology. In November of 2019, AeroTract began working with Wilbur-Ellis agribusiness to explore the possibilities of using drone technology and machine learning to provide a solution to growers in Oregon who are experiencing problems with voles in their fields.

Vole Hole Identification by machine learning

After hundreds of hours of flight tests and software development, AeroTract's team has been able to successfully build a system that identifies vole holes on the ground.

“In the summer of 2020, people thought they lost 75% of their yield due to voles,” said Devesh Singh, Wilbur-Ellis technical agronomist

Voles can cause major issues for farmers. Not only can they have a detrimental impact on their yield, but can be very challenging and time consuming to manage. Now, growers have a solution that will allow them to maximize the efficiency of their crews by sending them to the areas that are being affected, saving them significant amounts of time and resources.

“By not having to walk the whole field, you can just go to targeted areas, get over a lot more ground and save a lot of labor...And in the summer, we are able to apply bait just in those zones, instead of having to bait the whole field.” -Tony Stroda, Stroda Farms

Learn more about how the vole system can help you by contacting your local Wilbur-Ellis office or the AeroTract team!

About AeroTract

AeroTract is a team of GIS developers, foresters, and professional drone pilots located in Corvallis, OR. We pride ourselves in creating new ways of managing valuable resources in the Pacific Northwest. We understand the importance of active forest management, community safety, and success of local businesses. We’re here and dedicated to provide customers with analysis that will not only save them time and increase safety, but will improve our community as a whole.

About the Wilbur-Ellis Companies

Founded in 1921, the Wilbur-Ellis companies are leading international marketers, distributors and manufacturers of agricultural products, animal nutrients and specialty chemicals and ingredients. By developing strong relationships, making strategic market investments and capitalizing on new opportunities, the Wilbur-Ellis companies have continued to grow the business with sales of over $3 billion. For more information, please visit

Wilbur-Ellis Agribusiness generates more than $2 billion in sales revenue annually and has over 160 branch locations throughout the U.S.

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