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AeroTract Forges Spray Program

November, 2023

AeroTract has successfully implemented a drone spray program, covering 4 times more acreage than expected this year. Our team of drone professionals, foresters, and engineers spent many years putting systems and methods into place to make a vision turn into a reality.

Our clients have been impressed with our productivity and effectiveness from the integration of our drone spray technology into their application programs. Some, moving their entire herbicide application program over to the use of our drones.

"Throughout all of these projects AeroTract has shown consistent increases in the capability of their drones and pilots and has delivered successful results across the board" - Jason McCorkle, Freres Timber

An AeroTract spray team preparing for flight

"It’s emerging technology that I believe will be a great tool for foresters and tree farmers" -Fred Sperry, NW Forest Properties

There are several reasons why our clients have seen the value in drone herbicide application, some of the following include:

  • Safety - Drones are safer than traditional methods such as helicopter spraying or traversing adverse terrain with a backpack

  • Efficiency - Our team has built proprietary systems and methods that allow us to effeciently cover larger herbicide application projects

  • Effectiveness - Our drones are more effective at dispersal and coverage of herbicides across stands in comparison to traditional helicopter or backpack applications

  • Accountability - Our drones are more precise in herbicide application yielding better site preparation and protection of environmental resources

  • Training - Our team has implemented a robust training program for our pilots in order to uphold the highest standard in flight skills, safety, and herbicide application

This winter, AeroTract will be increasing its capacity to cover more ground to meet the growing demand of our customers. We will be building state of the art spray rigs, and sending new pilots through our training courses to prepare for application projects in 2024.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how our spray program can be integrated into your future application programs.


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