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AeroTract Assists in Post-Wildfire Infrastructure Restoration

September, 2020: AeroTract's team assists in post-wildfire critical infrastructure inspection and restoration at the Beachie Creek and Lionshead fires near Detroit, Oregon. In close coordination with the FAA and air attack, AeroTract's team provided detailed thermal and visual utility analysis and post-fire vegetation hazard assessment.

"The level of damage is devastating for residents in these communities, but to see Oregonians come together in a time of crises to help one another is uplifting - everyone involved has been working around the clock to restore these areas"

-James Hilary, President

An image captured highlighting fire damage near Detroit, Oregon
Fire damage near Detroit, Oregon

Complex terrain and complicated flight patterns were a common occurrence during operations at these post-fire locations. AeroTract's unmanned operators had to maneuver within feet of fire-scarred trees to capture detailed shots essential to the assessment of components. AeroTract utilized its radiometric thermal sensor and high resolution visual sensor to capture the level of detail needed to make precise decisions that increase efficiency and safety of operations in dangerous post-fire conditions. Drones have proved to be highly effective in assessing infrastructure without the need to place on the ground personnel in a dangerous situation.

One of AeroTract's aircraft performing an inspection

"It's amazing to watch one of our well trained pilots navigate advanced flight patterns through tight corridors and sometimes under tree branches"

-Zachary Leslie, AeroTract's GIS Specialist

AeroTract is proud to assist in the restoration of these communities. This imagery will be used for essential documentation of wildfire damage that will aid those involved to gain access to FEMA relief funds, enhance their operations, and move forward with restoring the Santiam Canyon. There is a lot of work that still needs to be done, but Oregonians have come together to make it happen.

If you would like to assist families and communities effected by these fires, please considering donating to the Santiam Canyon Fire relief fund. To learn more about AeroTract and its services, please visit

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