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AeroTract begins advanced tree counting research

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

AeroTract begins researching tree counts on stands aged 1-3 in heavy brush and steep terrain. Founder James Hilary is working with clients to achieve accurate inventory on problem area stands that have needed more than two inter-plants and have trees struggling to establish.

Artificial Intelligence counts trees.

Why is this important?

Establishing inventory and counting young seedlings in challenging scenarios will allow foresters to have an understanding of how to manage their problem stands and plant within a reasonable timeline. Being able to identify small and young trees through heavy brush and steep terrain will allow foresters to identify exactly where to plant, and how many trees they need.

  • Challenging Inventory As brush develops over the years, small seedlings have a decreased chance of becoming established as they fight competing vegetation.

  • Multiple aged Regeneration Controlling artificial intelligence and GIS programs is necessary to identify trees that have heavy variation in characteristics and age class.

  • Important Data Achieving a total and accurate inventory on problem stands with trees covered in brush will allow foresters to maximize their yield and generate a high growth and vigorous stand.

Artificial Intelligence Progress

AeroTract is continuing to research tree counts in advanced brush and terrain situations, for stands aged 3 and under.

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